Deer Isle Artists Association

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Gallery: 15 Main Street
Deer Isle ME 04627


THE 12x12(x12) All Member Exhibition

For the past few years, DIAA has challenged member artists to make 2-D artwork exactly 12x12 (including frame) or 3-D work that does not exceed 12" in any direction. Each work of art is priced at $144. We're planning to do it again in 2017, so watch this space for details.

Nearly three-fourths of the DIAA members have participatged each year, submitting more than 200 works of art in these formats, launching two weeks of constantly changing views in the Gallery and a stimulating experience for our visitors and artists as well.

The Gallery doors open promptly at 10:00 am on opening day admitting an eager crowd. The ensuing two weeks sre busy busy busy – as pieces sold they are quickly replaced with new work so the exhibit changes every day. Here are a few shots of one of our the "night before" opening day installations. This show always keeps our artist hanging crew very busy.