Gallery: 15 Main Street
Deer Isle ME 04627

No RSVP required

Show up - Bring friends - Talk about art

And there will be cake!

Sunday - MARCH 4: 1:30 – 3:30pm


Majo Keleshian - June Kellogg - Buzz Masters

Join us on Sunday, March 4, 1:30–3:30 PM for DIAA's fifth 2017–2018 winter session of "ART matters 3", an opportunity for artists to share their work and talk about it with the public. The theme of this program is “3 REALITIES” and will feature Maine artists MaJo Keleshian, June Kellogg and Buzz Masters. Drawing from the Maine landscape, the artists explore such themes as connection, memory and nature. They will describe how they create with textured or layered surfaces, marks and iconography and color and black-and-white media.

  • MaJo Keleshian re-imagines landscape through the exploration of surfaces and marks that both describe and suggest. While MaJo has drawn in color for many years, her new work returns to the basics–black-and-white media only. She will show both color and new work.
  • June Kellogg’s paintings are about her connection to nature and her love of the textures, colors and rhythms she sees in the natural landscape. “The paintings express my conviction that all things are connected and that the earth must be honored and treated well so that future generations will survive and flourish on this planet".
  • Buzz Masters is interested in the malleable nature of memory and the question of what we hold onto and what we leave out in order to make our story. “Using symbols expresses my interest in narrative and with a debt to the history of fresco painting, and that visual form of storytelling, I draw tangled rope and other beach flotsam to symbolize sorting memory, or ladders and floats as time cessation, or simple New England architecture becomes a metaphor of the changing undercurrent of relationships”. 
After artists' presentations and discussions moderated by Hub White, a reception follows with coffee from 44 North Coffee, tea and cake.