Gallery: 15 Main Street
Deer Isle ME 04627

No RSVP required

Show up - Bring friends - Talk about art

And there will be cake!

Sunday - November 5 - 1:30 – 3:30pm


Stephanie Bartron-Miscione

Arlyss Becker

Frederica Marshall

Stephanie Bartron-Miscione explains, “Images infused with thought and emotional connection are more interesting to me than photographic accuracy. I want my still life objects to be hyper-realized; with luminous layered colors that glow and voluminous texture-defining details.”

Arlyss Becker’s work includes painting, printmaking, handmade paper making, and mixed media art pieces. “I taught art for many years, retired, and now actively pursue art using a wide array of materials and themes,” Becker said. “Deer Isle and Haystack have influenced and inspired me for close to 20 years.”

Frederica Marshall is a national and international award-winning artist, master sumi-e Painter and has a BFA in Western Painting. Her work is a fusion of Asian and Western styles, combining ink, watercolor and airbrush on mulberry paper. She has exhibited in more than 90 group shows and 20 solo shows in the U.S. and Japan.