Gallery: 15 Main Street
Deer Isle ME 04627

Sunday, February 2: 1:30 to 3:30 pm

Captured Images: Lydia Cassatt, Julie Cleveland, + Woodley Osborne

There will be cake!

CAPTURED IMAGES features three local artists: Lydia Cassatt, Julie Cleveland and Woodley Osborne.

Lydia Cassatt finds inspiration in the landscape in Maine and what she sees traveling. She works with the Hipstamatic App, an editing program that allows her to create a more painterly and emotional photograph.

Julie Cleveland uses her iPhone for all her work; she considers her process more like painting than photography. She often uses pastels and other media to enhance her work and create a one-of-a-kind image.

Woodley Osborne, a devoted amateur photographer, concentrates on landscape photography, but he has a growing interest in such offbeat shots as a staircase, a wall and a rundown porch. He shows his work regularly at DIAA.

After artists' presentations and discussions moderated by Hub White, a reception follows with coffee from 44 North Coffee, tea and cake.

LET'S DRAW: Wednesdays 10–12 am 

Members and non-members at all skill levels gather to draw together. There is no fee. LET'S DRAW spent the summer on the 2d floor of the Seamark Building (11 Church Street) and is back in the Gallery at 15 Main Street through the winter and spring. We draw whatever we see or imagine. It is not a drawing class; offers no instructions unless someone asks for suggestions from someone else in attendance; has no models (although some artists have drawn others drawing); and offers no still life other than what is around the artists. There are tables and chairs available. Work in any medium, and bring your own supplies.