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 FREE WORKSHOPS in November (more top come in December)

For our second year, DIAA offers free workshops to our members and the public. Three workshops on making and promoting art will be held November 23. DIAA members will offer practical advice on basket making, coiling and photography monochrome conversion. It is not necessary to be a member to participate.

BASIC COILING BASKETRY with Cynthia Bourque Simonds

Saturday, Nov. 23, 2019, 10 am–12:30 pm, DIAA Gallery

Basketry is a form of textile art, a hand process requiring only the simplest tools. Early forms of coiling go back nine thousand years in this country. "Danger Caves" containing the oldest remains of coiling and twined baskets were found in Utah. Today we find many materials in the coiling process. We will use wax linen thread and cord and explore the foundation and productive designs to make a small basket. No experience needed. Materials provided. Interested? Contact cbsimonds@gmail.com

COILING BEYOND with Cynthia Bourque Simonds

Saturday, Nov. 23, 2019, 1–2:00 pm, DIAA Gallery

Some experience needed as we have fun using color, size, other materials going in a variety of directions on our baskets.  We will challenge ourselves or have something in mind. Bring your materials. A coiled basket started is good but some will be available. Interested? Contact cbsimonds@gmail.com

Photography Workshop: MONOCHROME CONVERSION with David Simonds 

Saturday, Nov 23, 2019, 1 pm at David's Studio in Sedgwick

David is hosting a maximum of five photographers to his studio for a workshop exploring the conversion of a digital color file into a monochrome print. Digital files with color information can be adjusted in Lightroom and Photoshop to produce wonderful black and white images. Participants will discuss how to evaluate which color images merit conversion, and then select the most favorable one, from each participant, for monochrome adjustment and printing.

Preparation for the Workshop

  • Bring no more than two color images shot in RAW, or other non-compressed format, like TIFF. Most digital cameras have the ability to shoot in RAW, the format with the most file information. It will produce the best results. An image shot in jpeg will produce a much poorer outcome because the file will be adjusted already by the camera, and will be compressed, lacking the data necessary to optimally adjust the file. If you are not sure what the file format of an image is, check the image “properties,” and adjust your camera accordingly. Bring a thumb drive with the one or two color images you choose, with enough room to store the image converted to monochrome image. 
  • Carefully consider the images you will bring. Not all color images convert well. Look for one which has essential areas of dark and light, and the gradation of tonality that captures the eye. Remember, for example, a bright red balloon that attracts your attention in a color image, as a central compositional theme, will look like a boring grey circle in a monochrome image. Choose wisely.

RSVP no later than November 21. Given the limited space in David's studio and the nature of the program, he will not be able to accommodate walk-ins or more than five participants. Interested? Contact David Simonds at deliberate53@gmail.com

Don't miss the last show of 2019

Pop UP

December 7, Saturday, 10–4 
Many local DIAA member artists' work for sale combined with food and fun. Join us.


LET'S DRAW spent the summer on the 2d floor of the Seamark Building (11 Church Street) and is back in the Gallery at 15 Main Street through the winter and spring.

LET'S DRAW - JOIN US: Wednesdays 10–12 am Members and non-members at all skill levels gather to draw together. There is no fee. 

What is Let's DRAW? We draw whatever we see or imagine. It is not a drawing class; offers no instructions unless someone asks for suggestions from someone else in attendance; has no models (although some artists have drawn others drawing); and offers no still life other than what is around the artists.

What to Bring: There are tables and chairs available. Work in any medium, and bring your own supplies. Join us!