Idea of Place

October 6–15


Maine’s landscape and way of life have called out to artists over many years. And this year especially, DIAA members have demonstrated appreciation for both the physical and ethereal here in Maine. For the final Fall exhibition, members were invited to create art accentuating “Idea of Place”. It features baskets, ceramics, drawings, paintings, photographs, forged jewelry and those essential masks made by our members.


Artists exhibiting work in this exhibit include Don Bardole, Cynthia Bourque Simonds, Betsy Braunhut, Lydia Cassatt, Mary Eaton, Glenn Felch, Judith Felch, Jill Finsen, Susan Finsen, Leslie Goode, Ronald Harte, Herman Kidder, Diane Maguire-Horton, Frederica Marshall, David McBeth, Carolyn Raedle, Teri Rippeto, David Simonds, Oscar Turner and Hub White. 

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Founded in 1973, the DIAA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting the visual arts through exhibitions and education. In addition to artist exhibitions, the Association conducts educational outreach, convening local artists, students, and the extended community for discussions and other events related to the visual arts.

We welcome new members of all ages – professional and emerging artists and patrons – and it is easy to join. To join or rejoin DIAA, download a pdf of the Membership Package. You can also reach us through the Contact Us page.

We are a community of approximately 100 fine art and fine craft artists (painters, sculptors, printmakers, jewelers, photographers, fiber artists and more) and patrons interested in the arts. Most of us live in Maine at least part of the year, but there is no residency requirement.

"The local talent of area artisans displayed year-round at Deer Isle Artists Association keeps the artistic juices flowing even during the darkest winter months." - Bay Community Register

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As a member-run all-volunteer Association, we manage the Gallery, hang and promote our exhibitions, and conduct community outreach. Exhibitions change every two weeks during the summer months and the Gallery is open from 10 am to 5 pm every day except Monday. 

Since 2015, DIAA has hosted a series of presentations and discussions entitled "ART matters" in the winter season, convening artists, and those interested in the visual arts, from surrounding communities for an afternoon of exchanges about various art topics. Drop in and see what everyone is talking about. And you should know that the cake is really really good. Programs from the past seasons can be found here.

Our artists are committed to promoting the visual arts in this part of Maine, supporting local student artists, and encouraging conversations about the arts within the community. Join us!




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Window exhibits are available for viewing 24-hours a day, 7 days a week; the Gallery is open from 10:00-2:00 every day.

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